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Neville Chemical

TIS have done several jobs at Neville Chemical. We handle there Access Control to there CCTV cameras. They are always satisfied with our work and anytime they have a security problem we are the first contractor they call. We are currently in the process of putting a Terry Phone system through out the plant.

Ergon Trucking

TIS does maintenanace for their gates and Access Control. We are currently looking to install Imron, a new innovative Access Control Software. We are also looking to install a Milestone server for cameras to cover the entire perimeter of the property.

Cerco LLC

We installed 4 video encoders, because they requested that we use existing cameras they had already purchased prior to seeking our help. We installed a Milestone M30 server. We are currently upgrading some of the existing analog cameras to IP 1080P HD cameras.

Ergon, WV INC.

TIS does a lot of work at Ergon WV. We handle all their access control, fiber infrastructure and CCTV. We installed 16, 360 degree cameras with PTZ capabilities. We also have installed 2 M50 CCTV Servers with a Master/Slave configuration. Anytime they need anything that has to do with security we are the first...

Dukes Place

The owner was building a wine bar next door. We ran fiber from one building to the next so that he didn't have to bring another circuit in and pay that costly monthly fee. We also installed access points throughout both establishments.

Orchards at Foxcrest

Anytime they need a data run or access control problem we are the contractor they call. TIS designed a wireless network for the buildings on the property and installed Cisco access points. TIS also installed state of the art fingerprint scanners for access control on some of the doors throughout the property.

Acero Junction LLC

TIS installed a new access control system from the ground up by one of our partners Imron. Access control system and controllers are installed throughout the plant to give them access control in the plant. TIS also installed over 5,000 FT of Single Mode 24 strand fiber throughout the plant.

South Side Garage INC.

TIS designed a CCTV system and installed 28 IP cameras through out the property of the garage. They built a restaurant and we eliminated that costly monthly fee for two separate internet services. TIS also installed a Milestone Husky M30 along with switches and fiber to eliminate paying for two comcast...

Chaney's Gas Station

TIS designed and installed a CCTV system from the ground up using all IP cameras. We also installed LED lights on a canopy covering gas pumps saving them money every month on there power bill.


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